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A breath-taking new 8000 sq ft Café Bar with feature Garden Terrace in Rathmines, Dublin 6




Copán is a late bar (weekends) open 7 days a week; serving food from 4pm Monday to Friday,  from 12pm  Saturday & 12:30pm Sunday. Taking its name from the ancient Mayan city ruins of Copán (1000BC) in western Honduras, this exotic addition to Dublin’s social landscape formally opened its doors to the public on Friday 10 December 2010. A chic, café bar & restaurant in Dublin. You will be astonished by the fit out and escapism of the venue, Copán is first and foremost about quality standards, affordable luxury and most importantly you the customer. Join us for lunch or dinner and experience the delights of Copán’s Menus.

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Copán inspired cocktails will get you in the mood for a night of luxury. Our varied drinks menu will suit any tastes and it includes spirits, cocktails and more.


“I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.”

Frank Sinatra (1915–1998)

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The Experience

Drawing design and subtle theme influences in its fit out from the ancient Mayan city of Copán in western Honduras, Copán Café Bar & Garden Terrace tells the story of an ancient civilisation, the Mayan culture of Central America — whose early settlements (Circa 1000BC) are largely accredited as being the genesis ofour modern cities. Copán in western Honduras was the first city of the Mayan people and arguably the birthplace of our modern civilisation. This story is told through the design of the venue. Copán Café Bar & Garden Terrace is a fusion of historical Mayan hieroglyphic and art references treated with a contemporary edge. The origins of the name Copán are one of a rich culture of artists and inventors, whose stunning hieroglyphs and architectural achievements are influential right up to the modern day; through their ancient pyramid temples, and more ‘of the moment’, their hieroglyphics reputedly being the design inspiration for the iPhone interface; and by extension the modern app culture.

Copán Events

Copán Sports

With advanced HD screen systems mounted at multiple vantage points throughout the venue, Copán is the perfect destination bar for viewing all major live sporting events including; Six Nations Rugby, Rugby World Cup, Heineken Cup Rugby, Premiership Football, UEFA Champions League, NFL, F1 Grand Prix fixtures.


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